"THE PARIS WAY" for aspiring players of all ages who wish to perfect their hockey knowledge and skills. Learn the why, when, where and how of the famous performance wheel factor "circle of  musts". The pitfalls and how to avoid them. Prepare for success with proper body and mind set. 

For parents needing guidance and/or comprehension regarding the avenues of, which path or thought process to access and follow when in a situation created by "Good or poor love syndrome". 

How to avoid losing sports friendships, and how to create new ones while maintaining past ones! In short, how to create sports credibility as an aspiring hockey player, or how to keep your sports credibility as a parent.

Hockey is dependent upon choices, to be accomplished either 
“at or away” from the puck situation on the ice surface. 
Your decision making, combined with proper execution of intent, 
will determine your lifeline within this sport!

John's experience is a mixture of historical hockey facts with six (6) decades of knowledge, players, changes, and more. John will take you back through personal life experiences, share anecdotes combined with segments of circumstances where John performs more than one character in skits.  You will experience situations in game “crowds”, local coffee shops, sports bars, blogs, hockey chat rooms, parental interaction, etc. It is not only hilarious at times, and/or direct for the knock-out, but are mainly events which many of you have experienced either as a fan, bystander or other.

The stance John takes against substance abuse is enriching without any holds barred. John also addresses the importance of the dress code of youths and young adults who try to remain within a certain section of life.

Other subjects John covers are:
• Sexual harassment that you may have encountered within the sports or working environment.
• Hazing
• Parental stress syndrome: “sports” mommy or daddy love me more by forgetting yourself
• Parental hide & seek
• Importance of academics while playing hockey

Our lecture, (symposium intent) in regard to  Stay in School Academic Speeches, How Academics can be transferred to a Sports Theme either as a Participant or Personal Creation,  what steps including where to start regard to Academic Sports Related Sexual Abuse, how to protect the innocent and the Institution! Discover Sports Assimilation Made easier Via Comprehension Detail. Our respectful approach to Sports Diversity aimed at bringing another view point to Media,  Management and/or Player Inter-Action. Team Hiring tactics, why a wrong decision motivated for the wrong reason/s can bring mayhem to your organization! .


One of the major personal problem areas players encounter, remain avoidance of the ego trap, a closed mind to helpful progression is like trying to drink water from an empty glass, you can hope, try again, however the glass will remain empty until you find some water to start filling it.
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