Salut John, les mots qui suivent viennent vraiment du fond du coeur et nous te remercierons jamais assez;

John Paris a cru en notre fils de 15 ans qui était restreint du à sa grandeur et le voilà maintenant avec un mental très fort, avec une motivation académique tellement convaicante et aussi avec un espoir de jouer du hockey compétitif encore longtemps tout cela grâce à l'encadrement extraordinaire d'un HOMME COMME TOI  John. A la fin de sa saison Joakim a inscrit ceci  "this saison is the best and funniest of my life".  Merci pour tout John  (l'enseignement, l'encadrement et l'attention).

A bientôt, 

— Louise et Sylvain

Dear Mr. Paris,

I just wanted to drop you a quick email and let you know how impressed my son was of your instruction and lecture.  He is presently attending the US Jr. Development Camp at the University of Denver.  I've never heard TJ speak so highly of anyone and of their knowledge of the game and life's lessons.  You have not only inspired him to be a better hockey player on the ice but also a better young adult off the ice.  It's truly rare to find an individual that can do that today and I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am as a father.


Mark Lindsay
Arclight Films
President, Sales & Acquisitions

Coach Paris,
I've always told my sons that the right thing to do is usually the hardest thing to do.  I know (from doing a little background research) that you had/have big dreams and aspirations as a coach.  There is nothing that can compare to what you have done and stood up for concerning these boys.  It might not get you an NHL head coaching position but in my book it's incomparable!  Integrity, honesty, and doing the right thing are qualities I hope my children desire more than any fame, fortune, or position.  I also believe that blessings follow when you do the right thing, are honest, and maintain your integrity.  I don't know that any words I have can express the gratitude I have for your willingness to stand up for my son and the many others affected.  Thank you doesn't seem adequate but, I thank you none the less!  Thank you for setting an example for my son that I would want him to follow. 
Nicole Barber

"My 2 years playing for John Paris Jr. really changed me as a player and as a person, he changed my mentality and the way I approach every game. He definitely is one of the main reason I am playing college hockey today and pursuing my dream of playing professional hockey one day.
Thanks for everything."

— Mathieu Dugas, Goaltender, NCAA Division 1

"Coach Paris has, in a single season, climbed into the hockey and boyhood psyche of this team of individuals to turn them into a team of U15 AAA men. This feat of grand proportion, was a pleasure to witness and has been transitional for my son. Thomas and his teammates gained in hockey skills and intensity, in game knowledge, and in the end more than all other, a better sense of self. Paris' unique coaching ability provides in all aspects, a solid return on investment."   --- Mark W. Jarman