John Paris Jr.
"The Paris Way"
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What Can "The Paris Way" Do For You?
"THE PARIS WAY" is for aspiring players of all ages who wish to perfect their hockey knowledge and skills. Learn the why, when, where and how of the famous performance wheel, factoring in the "circle of  musts" and the pitfalls and how to avoid them.  Prepare for success with proper body and mindset.   How to avoid losing sports friendships and how to create new ones while maintaining past ones.  

For parents needing guidance and/or comprehension regarding the avenues of which path or thought process to access and to follow when in a situation created by "good or poor love syndrome."

In short, how to create sports credibility as an aspiring hockey player or how to keep your sports credibility as a parent.  

Omaha Lancers U18 AAA

Omaha AAA Hockey Club is proud and excited to name John Paris Jr. as the Omaha AAA Lancer U18 Head Coach. Coach Paris was born in Windsor, Nova Scotia and his hockey career began when recruited by Scotty Bowman and the Montreal Canadians organization in the early sixties as a junior player. Over all of Coach Paris’ years of hockey experience as a coach, general manager, scout, personal trainer, teacher and keynote speaker, Coach Paris has guided his teams to numerous championships, including the prestigious Air Canada Cup Emblem of Canadian supremacy at Midget AAA level, U17 Esso Cup, Turner Cup IHL - Atlanta Knights (affiliate team of the Tampa Bay Lightning). Coach Paris was also a Head Coach/GM within the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

Coach Paris holds a master in Sports Psychology, Specializations in Human Behavioural Patterns, Diversity Training, Substance Abuse, Employee/Employer relations (sexual harassment) TeamBuilding - Mental Conditioning. He holds a level four USA hockey coaching certificate and an 11 Advanced (5) Canadian Coaching Certificate.

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